While first impressions are important in many areas of life, they’re the heartbeat of boutique fitness studios. The initial moments, from the second a client steps in, can shape their perception of the entire visit. Every step from the studio’s door to the mat, spin bike, or barre makes all the difference.

According to our recent research report, 34% of studios operate without front desk staff. Studios are increasingly experimenting with part-time or no front-desk staff, creating a unique challenge. How can they ensure a welcoming and seamless member’s experience without those initial interactions? It’s an opportunity to rethink and elevate the class experience for everyone.

Rethinking the Traditional Front Desk

Studios without front-desk staff or those that don’t always have front-desk staff are not lacking in customer service. Instead, they are evolving their approach. By eliminating administrative tasks like check-ins and bookings, staff can focus on personal engagement, building stronger relationships with clients from the moment they step in.

In addition, fewer physical barriers, like a front desk, make for a more inviting space. It gives studios, especially those pressed for room, the freedom to design an environment that is more open and welcoming.

Tech to the Rescue: Self-Check-In Kiosks

Enter the era of the self-check-in kiosk. These are not your typical touch-and-go machines. They are smart, intuitive, and remarkably user-friendly.

Using touchscreens for check-ins, as opposed to waiting in long lines, help to avoid creating backlogs or causing delays before busy classes, ensuring a smooth and efficient check-in process.

Choosing the right software platform for your studio should include considering check-in kiosk apps. Software like Mariana Tek offers this feature, ensuring a seamless and efficient check-in experience at your studio that meets modern demands.

The Power of SMS & Push Notifications

Gone are the days of checking emails or calling the front desk to see if you’ve moved off the waitlist for a class! SMS alerts are a game changer for fitness studios and their clients. Here’s why:

  • Direct and Instant: No more waiting around or constantly refreshing emails. If there’s a change in class bookings, clients are notified immediately.
  • High Read Rate: SMS messages boast a significantly higher read rate compared to emails.

Streamline the process even further with location-based push notifications. By geo-targeting your clients as they walk through your studio’s doors, you can ensure timely check-ins by prompting clients right in your own app.

Beyond the Check-In: Enhancing the Client Journey

The innovations don’t stop at the check-in. Modern fitness technology offers myriad ways to deepen client engagement and streamline studio operations.

  • Education Through Technology: Consider integrating workout tutorials, nutrition guides, or even mindfulness practices into your studio’s app. This way, clients can carry a piece of the studio experience with them wherever they go. With Mariana Tek you can even use the in-app ads feature to promote podcasts, retail, and educational content for your clients.
  • Personalized Engagement: How about a monthly challenge tailored for each client based on their fitness goals? Or perhaps, an in-app celebration for every milestone they achieve? Gamification can motivate and engage clients in a fun, interactive manner. Technology is key to making these experiences easy, look for software solutions that enable gamification in the client experience.
  • Harnessing Data for Growth: Data-driven decisions can revolutionize the way studios operate. Platforms like Mariana Tek’s business management solutions provide actionable insights. Studios can use this data to optimize class schedules, plan events, or even refine their marketing strategies.

Conclusion: A Seamless Experience for Every Client

The modern fitness studio is more than just a place to work out. It’s an experience, a community, and a haven. Streamlining operations, especially the check-in process, is essential in setting the right tone for every client’s visit.

So, as studios embrace these technological advancements, they aren’t just replacing the old with the new. They’re elevating every client’s experience, making every moment from check-in to cooldown count.

If you’re keen to delve deeper into these innovations and ensure your studio stays ahead of the curve, don’t miss out on the valuable insights on the Customer Experience and Business Management pages. Embrace the future and make every check-in a memorable moment!

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: August 21 2023

Last updated: December 12 2023