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Manage your studio’s memberships, class schedules, and everything in between on your computer or your phone.
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Class & Client Management Features

With Mariana Tek, you can quickly create, customize, and push classes to your booking platform.
  • Easily create and schedule classes in just a few simple steps
  • Prevent overbooking by setting automatic booking limits
  • Configure a pick-a-spot selection that fits your unique class structure
  • Manage all your classes across multiple locations with one single login
Mariana Tek makes class booking and checking in to classes a breeze for both your clients and staff, saving precious time.
  • Allow clients to book with ease inyour custom branded 5-star rated app and on your website
  • Enable clients to pick their favorite spot when booking automatic booking limits
  • Free up your staff with optional in-app or kiosk self-check-in
Give your staff the tools they need to manage their classes efficiently and effectively.
  • Get detailed, real-time class attendance lists
  • Make sure classes are filled with advanced waitlist / standby management
  • Instant class data sync across mobile, web, and tablet devices
  • See key client info with configurable client tags for VIPs, first-timers, and more!
Scale your studio with the right permissions and flexible membership packages.
  • Let your staff see everything they need with easy-to-set staff permissions
  • Flexible roles and responsibilities that are adjustable based on your studio’s unique needs
  • Customizable credits packages and memberships that can change with your business as it grows
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Revenue Boosting Features

Empower your staff to turn everyday client interactions into quick and easy revenue-boosting opportunities.
  • Effortlessly sell retail and rentals with just two clicks during check-in
  • Identify renewal and new membership sales opportunities in your class list
  • Promote and sell add-ons like pre-workout or mat rentals in the client booking flow
In 2022, our clients made $10.8 Million in penalty fees! Never miss penalties and fees by automating the process with Mariana Tek.
  • Configure and automate fees for no-shows or late cancelations
  • Make fee collection easy with integrated merchant processing
  • Keep staff and clients informed with transactional and triggered emails
Guests are more likely to convert than cold leads and MarianaTek makes it easy to bring them in your studio.
  • Mariana Tek makes it simple for clients to bring a guest while booking classes in their app or online
  • Give clients the ability to pick-a-spot next to their guest when booking
  • Get insights into how your guest program is working with visibility into who guests are and their conversion rates
Most clients use your app to book classes, so why not use it to promote campaigns, promotions, and important updates?
  • Build any ad you want directly in your custom app
  • Drive more awareness to promotions, events, and challenge setting automatic booking limits
  • Share news & updates to keep clients in the know and build your community
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Mobile Management Features  

With the Mariana Tek Biz App get all the visibility you need into customer accounts no matter where you are.
  • Effortlessly view all your client data into one simple, organized dashboard
  • React faster to business risk by retrieving at-risk clients and revenue data
  • Make the experience personal by allowing staff access to client photos
The Biz App gives you the metrics that reveal current trends in your business so you can stay ahead of your curve.
  • See how your studios are performing by viewing sales by location
  • Process and view transactions to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Discover insights like first visit conversions and net membership growth
Mariana Tek’s Biz App gives your instructors easy access before and between classes to view class lists and schedules.
  • Stay informed by viewing how many clients you have and who exactly is in the next class
  • Provide extra attention to first-timers and VIP members by viewing tags in your classlist
  • Ensure your info is up-to-date with instant class data synching across all your mobile devices
With the Biz App you and your staff can efficiently manage and update client bookings on the fly.
  • Easily swap spots for a member if they need to change a booking
  • Fill available space in your classes with smart waitlist tools
  • Get all the key data you need from each booking to drive the best experience possible
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Why Boutique Fitness Owners Choose Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek has solved a lot of problems for me when it comes to running my business. I especially appreciate the great data access, detailed reporting and how I can get insight into what's going on inside of my studios without me physically having to be there. What’s also really important to me is that the Mariana Tek's platform has a modern, polished look that fully represents my brand to my customers.

Cody Patrick

CEO/Founder, Sweat440
One of my favorite features in the Mariana Tek product is the ads we run directly in our studio’s app. We love the ability to promote ads that direct clients to our podcast "Off the Bike" and for specific promotions or challenges. It's been a great tool for sharing important information to our clients and for engaging with our amazing rider community.

Katy Richardson

Founder, Neighborhood Barre
Our studio has a combination of livestream and in-person classes. With Mariana Tek’s platform everything has been so much easier for myself and my staff, compared to our previous software. No matter how our business may change in the future, we feel that with the Mariana Tek team and product we are set up for success.

Emily Harlow

Co-Owner, LifeCYCLE

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