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Wexer Virtual

Launch and run successful online fitness classes with their platform for video subscriptions and fitness content.


An integrative live streaming, on-demand and real-time metrics for studios.


Join the world's leading professional video platform and grow your business with easy-to-use, high-quality video creation, hosting, and marketing tools.

Studio Operations


Automates instructor & staff payroll, saving your admin team hours each payroll cycle.

Dr. B Logo

Dr. B

Unlock FSA and HSA funds to help your members save on fitness fees with Dr. B, a telehealth provider that offers a convenient online consultations. Qualifying members can obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity online at no cost to your business.


Grants member-only unattended studio access without needing keys or passcodes.


An integrative live streaming, on-demand and real-time metrics for studios.


NetGym's instructor sub management automation gives you more time back to focus on other areas of your business.


Provides real-time data visualizations of your key performance indicators.


Let your next specialist be a software: Jebra. Our smart automations manage accounting, payroll, and reporting swiftly and accurately, without extra overheads.


Maximize your fitness studio’s potential with Lenzvu, the ultimate marketing automation powerhouse designed to get you new members on autopilot and keep your community active and engaged. By integrating with MarianaTek, Lenzvu brings a new level of personalization and efficiency to your member interactions.


PayWell bridges the gap between Mariana Tek and your payroll processor, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most.

Data & Performance Metrics


Live leaderboards, gamified experiences, and digital solutions for fitness clubs and boutique studios.

Performance IQ

ClubReady Performance IQ (PIQ) offers in-studio performance displays in any group fitness environment to build engagement, enhance studio experience, and set fitness businesses up for success. The PIQ system pairs with an unlimited number of data devices and is compatible with all brands of ANT+ based heart rate straps, spin bikes and rowers.



From Net Promoter Score and product experience to employee feedback, uncover custom insights for your business.


A customer communication platform that turns feedback into powerful marketing by incentivizing your employees to get mentioned online.

Real Time Feedback

Allows your members to easily and privately communicate with you in real-time, so you can turn negative experiences into positive reviews.

Referral & Rewards


Build your ultimate perks platform to reward members, retain long-time fans, and grow your studio.


An all-in-one marketing & communication platform that generates more customers, boosts retention, and builds your reputation.



Powerful text messaging features for personalized bulk and 1:1 messaging. Manage conversations effortlessly, assign to teammates, and track results, all in one seamless experience.


Save time, effort, and money by using automated and tailored approaches to client communication, integrated directly into your booking platform.

Franchise Focused Marketing

Focused Marketing Franchise marketing begins with understanding the local needs and providing cost-effective solutions.


Optimize operations and engage clients with an all-in-one CRM. Centralize data, communication, and analytics for targeted messaging, automation, and staff accountability.

Development Agency


Digital transformation and software development for fitness, health and leisure brands.

Next Epic

Next Epic is a full service development agency focused on building next level tech for fitness businesses. From UX design, Software Engineering, marketing, and more, Next Epic bring your vision to life.


Fitness focused web and app products that help studios engage clients and increase sales online and in-app.


Custom software development for apps, features and integrations, to increase member engagement and strengthen brand loyalty.



A corporate wellbeing platform that helps studios unlock new revenue streams and allows corporate users to attend your classes and activities.


List classes at no extra cost, where users can find and book classes by searching for your studio directly, or searching by activities your studio offers


Attract high quality customers, fill empty seats and earn incremental revenue to grow your business profitably.


Generate profitable bookings for your unused spots, control pricing and attract new users looking to discover, book and pay-on-the-go, without requiring a membership or credits.

My Strong Circle

Cultivate loyalty through a bypass booking partner— clients pick studios and buy into unlimited memberships that gives them access without a contract.


List your studio on a boutique fitness marketplace, and let members discover your studio among others.

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API Integrations

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