ATLANTA, GA – Xplor Mariana Tek, a powerful, easy-to-use boutique fitness software platform, has today announced the launch of Professional Services, a new offering that provides in-house marketing services for boutique fitness studios. With this new service, Xplor Mariana Tek has become a true partner to boutique fitness and wellness studios by combining their modern and flexible studio management software with tailored marketing support from industry experts.

The new service pairs fitness and well-being, customer experience, and marketing experts with Xplor Mariana Tek customers to advise on growth strategies specific to their business, with a focus on optimizing the customer journey. Xplor Technologies’ industry experts have first-hand experience in working both with and at specialized fitness studios, enabling customers to discover what works and what does not more easily. Working with highly-qualified consultants, studios can understand how to better segment their customer groups, curate more-tailored marketing campaigns, and evaluate conversion rates for more effective targeting.

Neighborhood Barre, a studio brand specializing in providing an inviting space to take barre classes, now operates 25 franchise locations throughout the southeast of the United States. By working with Xplor Mariana Tek and its Professional Services team, Neighborhood Barre has been able to control every step of the client journey from one easy-to-use platform; leverage in-built automation functionality to drive more revenue and increase retention; and save time and money by not having to use multiple software tools to manage all their needs.

By automating marketing campaigns and Client Relationship Management (CRM), Neighborhood Barre has been able to free up more time to create lasting relationships with their customers and build their brand. Using Xplor Mariana Tek, the studio franchise has seen client retention rates increase by 3.5% from 2021-2022, and then an additional 1.5% from 2022-2023 – and has upped overall first-time visits by 28%.

“Marketing automation has improved our operations and overall processes. We’re now able to focus on our processes at a broad scale and see what tweaks we need to make to improve,” Founder of Neighborhood Barre, Katy Richardson confirms. “We wanted to scale for growth and to do that, we needed to be delivering the best client experience possible. Xplor Mariana Tek has helped us achieve this by delivering the best consumer-facing point booking software, from the app to the website integration, revenue-driving features, and everything else.”

Xplor Mariana Tek enables studios to automate marketing campaigns and CRM with:

  • Smart segments helping studios segment their audiences using 650+ different rules, so they can send more authentic messages based on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Pre-built forms and landing pages to speed campaign creation.
  • Unlimited texts and emails.
  • Automated tasking allowing studio owners to manage their teams to drive higher conversion rates.
  • Real-time analytics displaying engagement, open and conversion rates so studios can see how campaigns are performing.

“Providing professional marketing services in-house helps us give our customers a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace,” said Emily Montgomery, Head of Professional Services, Fitness & Wellbeing at Xplor Technologies. “This not only builds stronger relationships with our studio customers but is also a driving force in them forging more impactful relationships with their own. Our customized recommendations are giving boutique studios the tools to run effective marketing campaigns, target prospective customers more easily, and convert newer customers into loyal, lasting members – making a tangible impact on their bottom line.”

Hundreds of fitness brands have seen success from using Xplor Mariana Tek’s marketing automation features and Professional Services team. Find out more about Xplor Mariana Tek’s Professional Services.

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Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: October 30 2023

Last updated: December 12 2023