In an ever-evolving fitness landscape, boutique studios have rapidly become the gold standard for personalized, high-quality training. As this niche flourishes, it becomes increasingly apparent that success requires more than just passion and a great workout routine. Enter boutique fitness consultants: the unsung heroes who provide tailored advice, strategic direction, and a wealth of industry knowledge. At Mariana Tek, we’ve collaborated with some of the best in the business, and we’re excited to share our curated list with you.

Why Use Consultants?

The journey of a boutique fitness studio, from inception to establishment, is filled with challenges. Consultants bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring that studio owners are equipped not just with passion, but also with the right tools to navigate the competitive fitness market. With their seasoned experience and industry-specific knowledge, they offer solutions that are both innovative and effective.

But it’s not just about problem-solving. It’s also about foreseeing potential obstacles and turning them into opportunities. A skilled consultant can identify trends, anticipate market shifts, and provide strategies that allow businesses to adapt and thrive. By leveraging their expertise, studio owners can focus on what they love most: providing exceptional fitness experiences.

Types of Consultants for Boutique Fitness

Running a boutique fitness studio can feel a lot like mastering a challenging dance routine: every step needs to be just right. It’s all about balance, strategy, and sometimes a little help from those who’ve danced the dance before. There are many specialized consultants out there ready to lend a hand to boutique fitness studios. Here are a few types of consultants you might come across, but remember, this list isn’t exhaustive:

  • Strategic Advisers: Not just counselors, they’re visionaries. They grasp the broader picture, foreseeing both present challenges and future aspirations of a studio. Strategic Advisers serve as the compass for your studio’s journey, directing every step toward fulfilling long-term aspirations.
  • Design Consultants: More than mere aesthetics, they sculpt experiences. Their designs go beyond appearance, focusing on function and feeling. Ensuring a balance between aesthetics and efficiency, these consultants craft spaces that resonate with both staff and clients.
  • Marketing Gurus: They craft narratives. The voice behind a brand’s persona, they ensure you’re heard amidst the cacophony. From digital footprints to physical campaigns, they weave stories that captivate and engage.
  • Financial Experts: The guardians of fiscal health. Beyond number games, they ensure sustainability and profitability. Their insights delve deep, ensuring that every dollar spent brings value, and every revenue stream is optimized.

While each consultant type mentioned has its specialty, their combined expertise ensures that boutique fitness studios remain not just relevant but revolutionary in an ever-evolving market.

Top Boutique Fitness Consultants

Navigating the boutique fitness landscape can sometimes feel like a workout in itself. That’s where expert consultants come in, helping studios fine-tune their strategy, branding, and operations. Here’s a handpicked list of some standout consultants in the industry, each known for their unique insights and hands-on approach.


A. Studio Grow: Studio Grow offers consulting services to boutique fitness studios, helping them with marketing, sales, and operations to grow their businesses.

B. Telomere Consulting: Telomere Consulting specializes in providing boutique fitness studios with business strategies, including sales, marketing, and operations, to drive growth and profitability.

C. Boutique Fitness Solutions: Boutique Fitness Solutions provides a platform for fitness professionals to connect, learn, and grow their businesses through events, resources, and a community network.

D. Breaux Bradley Consulting: Breaux Bradley Consulting offers business consulting services to fitness studios, helping them with operations, sales, and marketing to achieve growth.

E. The Sales Arms: The Sales Arms specializes in sales training and development, offering tailored solutions to businesses to improve their sales performance.

F. MSA Worldwide: MSA Worldwide is a leading franchise consulting firm, providing services in franchise development, operations, and marketing.

G. Solmark Creative: Solmark Creative is a branding and design agency that specializes in creating visual identities, websites, and marketing materials for businesses.

H. Creative Fit Branding: Creative Fit Branding offers branding and design services tailored for fitness professionals, helping them create a strong visual identity.

I. Barbara Chancey Design: Barbara Chancey Design specializes in creating innovative indoor cycling studios, offering design, training, and business solutions.

J. Taryn Financial: Taryn Financial provides financial planning and investment management services, helping clients achieve their financial goals.

K. Fitness Career Mastery: Fitness Career Mastery offers resources, training, and community support for fitness professionals to grow their careers.

L. Crystal Zak Consulting: Crystal Zak Consulting provides business consulting services to fitness studios, helping them with operations, sales, and marketing strategies.

M. Wizard of Ops: Wizard of Ops offers operational support and consulting services to fitness studios, helping them streamline their processes.

N. IPStudio: IPStudio specializes in branding, web design, and digital marketing, offering tailored solutions to businesses to enhance their online presence.

O. Kristin Abel Consulting: Kristin Abel provides tailored consulting for boutique studio owners, emphasizing revenue growth, retention, and profitability.

P. REBOOT: REBOOT offers fitness consulting services, focusing on business strategies, operations, and growth for fitness studios.

Q. Liz Cort: Liz Cort provides consulting services for fitness studios, offering insights and strategies to help them grow and thrive.

R. Spark Strategies: Spark Strategies specializes in marketing and business growth strategies, helping businesses achieve their goals and expand their reach.

S. Denise Chakoian: Denise Chakoian offers consulting services for fitness professionals, focusing on business growth, operations, and marketing strategies.

T. Michael Jay: Michael Jay provides consulting services tailored to fitness professionals, helping them with business strategies, operations, and growth.

U. Pixality: Pixality specializes in web design for boutique fitness, wellness, and yoga studios, creating online experiences that attract and convert clients.

V. Raphael Marinho: Raphael Marinho is a designer and entrepreneur based in Canada, working on creative and visual design projects to elevate fitness brands.

W. Katie Frome – Katie’s firm, Clear Consulting, aims to provide small businesses with clarity and efficiency, providing everything from marketing strategy to event planning.

X. The Fitness Consulting Co: Fitness Consulting Co. was founded by Arkadiusz Chabrowski to help fitness and yoga companies grow by improving the aspects that work and optimizing the processes already in place.

Y. YogaPreneur Collective: YogaPreneur Collective is a consulting company that helps yoga studio owners systematize their businesses for more profit and peace of mind.

Z. Nomad Business Coaching: Founded by Josh Biro, Nomad Business Coaching offers business coaching and online courses for yoga and wellness business owners, sharing best practices to increase revenue and invigorate their businesses.

AA. SpringThree: SpringThree provides business and marketing consulting, training, and resources for boutique fitness studios, helping them grow profitably and thrive in their industry.

In-House Professional Services: Elevate Your Boutique Fitness with Xplor

In the dynamic landscape of boutique fitness, choosing the right consultant can make all the difference. Yet, for those looking for an integrated solution, Mariana Tek offers more than just software. Delve deeper, and you’ll discover Xplor’s in-house Professional Services.

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From the comprehensive “Launch Pad” package that includes campaign automations, landing pages, forms, and sales task automations, to a la carte services tailored for specific needs – Xplor ensures every aspect of your marketing strategy is on point. The best part? The team promises a significant return on investment within just three months of going live.

Real-world testimonials provide a testament to Xplor’s efficacy. Boutique fitness leaders such as Cody Patrick, Nick Staples, and Kelsey Silver have all found immense value in the services offered by Mariana Tek. From sleek and modern brand portrayal to real-time business insights and enhanced client engagement, the advantages are manifold.

But don’t just take our word for it. Explore the range of marketing professional services tailor-made for Mariana Tek clients. Discover how Xplor’s Professional Services can revolutionize your boutique fitness journey. Dive into the specifics and request more information here. Because when it comes to achieving fitness business success, every move counts.  

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: August 30 2023

Last updated: December 12 2023