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July 31, 2023

The Value of Marketplace Apps: Working together to fill your studios

To remain competitive, brands are meeting the new customer where and how they book services. Participating in marketplaces should be part of your selling strategy.

What if you could guarantee your studio would be seen by thousands of potential customers every day, while saving you time and money?

Most of us have booked a trip, ordered food or made an appointment on a digital marketplace or aggregator website—a website that shows consumers products or services from multiple businesses, allowing them to compare offerings and prices, and make quick, informed decisions.

These digital marketplaces dominate industries such as retail, food service, travel, automotive and wellness. One reason for this is a major shift in customer behavior, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in $2 trillion global online sales on the top 100 marketplace sites.

Boutique fitness studios benefit from marketplaces as an incremental channel for finding new customers without exerting their time and energy on often cost-prohibitive marketing, technology, and transaction-related initiatives. While being listed on some marketplaces does have a cost, the ROI can be significant if it means you’re getting a steady flow of new customers that you then turn into loyal ones. Mariana Tek is frequently reviewed as one of the best yoga studio software companies and we feature well in online marketplaces - its a great source of referrals for us!

Marketplaces also use word-of-mouth to great effect through customer reviews. These platforms typically display businesses based on positive reviews. If you’re confident in the quality of your service, this can carry over to your marketplace listing and drive new business your way.

Partner with marketplaces, strategically.

While keeping in mind the rise in digitization and the value of marketplaces to reach incremental customers, fitness studio owners also need partnerships with marketplaces that are financially viable for them.

Over the past decade, leading marketplace Apps in the wellness industry have brought in new customers through studio doors, conditioned customers to access services at low prices, eroded studio margins, and often forced owners to choose between volume and profit, resulting in increased skepticism of marketplaces. Keeping in mind ongoing rising operational costs, inflation, and need to sustain their businesses in the long-term, fitness and wellness studios can still benefit from marketplaces when they have a strategy; the key is to partner with marketplaces that innovate to provide true sustainable value to both brands and customers.

FitSwoop – A marketplace built to help wellness & fitness studios grow sustainably.

FitSwoop is an all-new data-driven marketplace, co-created with studio owners to bring back growth to the wellness industry.

With FitSwoop, studio owners can now control pricing, are not subject to any complicated credit systems or dynamic pricing, benefit from a fair revenue share model, proven to drive greater profits and timely customer service. FitSwoop allows fitness and wellness studios to access the new non-committal generation, who are looking to discover, search, book and pay for their services via an easy-to-use App—all without any membership fees.

FitSwoop has just completed its successful pilot in Boston with over 50+ studios on board, and is now getting ready to launch in the following cities:

• NYC    

• LA    

• Atlanta    

• Toronto    

• Miami    

• Philadelphia  

• Washington DC

"We originally offered two locations on FitSwoop, and after a few short months of being on the platform, we have now opened up all 5 locations. FitSwoop has brought us new Users and is helping us grow profitably." Jess, Owner, The Handle Bar, Boston (5 locations)

As a Mariana Tek preferred partner, you can integrate with FitSwoop today. Interested in partnering? Click here to register

As our buying habits evolve, fitness studios need to find new ways to reach new members. Making sure you’re appearing on marketplaces and listing platforms can help you reach more potential customers – something every small business owner needs.

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