In the Southeast, where the sun’s warmth is matched only by the hospitality of its people, the Mariana Tek Boutique Studio Awards 2023 have illuminated the region’s exceptional fitness studios. These awards recognize not only physical fitness but also the bonds of community, innovation, and tenacity that define the Southeast. From the coastal charm of Virginia Beach to the vibrant streets of Tampa, let’s delve into the stories of these award-winning studios that are reshaping fitness in the Southeast.

TURN Studio Team

Full House Award – TURN Studio, Sandy Springs, Georgia

TURN Studio in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is redefining the fitness experience in the Southeast and is the deserving winner of the Full House Award. This unique studio elevates indoor cycling and small group training to new heights, creating an electric atmosphere that keeps its community fully engaged.

Energizing Atmosphere: TURN Studio combines state-of-the-art bikes, advanced technology, and theatrical lighting to create an immersive workout experience. The energy and emotion in each session are palpable, drawing a full house of fitness enthusiasts.

“It really is an honor to get recognized like this! We are a small business with one location, so getting recognized by Mariana Tek is a huge accomplishment and such a rewarding feeling,” the team at Turn Studio expressed with enthusiasm.

Diverse Fitness Offerings: Beyond cycling, TURN Studio’s MEZ mezzanine offers TRX, HIIT, and yoga classes, catering to a wide range of fitness preferences and skill levels.

“Our community, the TURN Fam, is incredibly supportive and always engaging with the business, bringing in new friends. We work tirelessly to ensure the company stays current, our instructors stay polished, our staff stays positive, and the studio remains spotless. And most importantly, we never give up,” they added, highlighting their dedication.

Community and Charity Focus: At the heart of TURN Studio is a commitment to community and charity. They host events to support both local and national causes, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and connection.

“Well, our motto is #staygold, which means to stand out rather than to fit in. But it’s the community that makes us special. We welcome all, making people feel like they can handle and achieve any and all of our workouts. We offer multiple class types with two different studios under one roof, so clients can get their complete fitness needs at TURN. We strive to be the golden standard from the top down at our company,” the Turn Studio team proudly stated.

TURN Studio’s Full House Award highlights their innovative approach to fitness, community engagement, and their role in fostering a culture of health, joy, and inclusivity in the Southeast.

Lasting Community Award – CAMP Tampa, Tampa, Florida

CAMP Tampa, located in Tampa, Florida, secures the Lasting Community Award by epitomizing community, authenticity, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The Spirit of Evolution: CAMP Tampa is dedicated to constant evolution, curiosity, and maintaining high standards, empowering everyone in their community to embrace their authentic selves.

Endless Adventures: Every experience at CAMP Tampa is unique. They seek top instructors and create an uplifting atmosphere to make adults happier and healthier through fitness and yoga.

CAMP Initiatives: Beyond fitness, CAMP Tampa champions inclusivity, authenticity, sustainability, and community, fostering a diverse and welcoming environment for all.

CAMP Tampa’s Lasting Community Award celebrates their unwavering commitment to a fitness sanctuary that transcends boundaries, redefining fitness while nurturing a thriving CAMP community. Kudos to CAMP Tampa for their inclusivity, authenticity, sustainability, and community spirit in the Southeast!

CAMP Tampa Crew

Be Our Guest Award – Current Cycle, Knoxville, Tennessee

Current Cycle in Knoxville, Tennessee, stands out as a guest-friendly fitness haven in the Southeast. They’ve turned fitness into a warm invitation, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and empowered to embark on their wellness journey.

The Art of Inclusivity: Current Cycle has mastered the art of making fitness inclusive and accessible. Their emphasis on guest-friendly sessions and a welcoming environment ensures that newcomers feel right at home, whether they’re avid cyclists or first-time riders.

Unique Invitations: Current Cycle stands out by offering unique features and events that pique the interest of guests. From themed rides to community challenges, they keep their doors wide open to anyone looking to enhance their fitness journey.

Current Cycle is awarded the Be Our Guest Award for their inclusive and welcoming approach to fitness. They excel in making guests feel comfortable and empowered, regardless of their fitness level. Their unique and guest-friendly environment stands out in the Southeast.

Growth Guru Award – Yoga Joint, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Yoga Joint in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is a shining example of growth and success in the fitness industry. Their journey is a testament to their innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to member engagement.

The Yoga Joint Journey: Yoga Joint’s growth story is a journey woven with dedication and innovation. From humble beginnings to becoming a powerhouse in the fitness scene, their strategies and revenue success have set them apart.

Engaging the Yoga Community: Yoga Joint’s membership engagement and retention tactics have created a long-lasting mark in the industry. Their ability to nurture a vibrant yoga community is a testament to their status as the Growth Guru Award winner.

The Growth Guru Award goes to Yoga Joint for their exceptional growth and innovation in the fitness industry. Their journey from a small startup to a fitness powerhouse demonstrates their commitment to engaging and retaining a vibrant yoga community. Yoga Joint’s success is marked by innovative strategies and a focus on member engagement, setting them apart as a leader in the fitness industry.

Conclusion: Southeast’s Fitness Mavericks: A Toast to the Winners

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Southeast’s finest fitness studios, it’s clear that these establishments are more than just places to work out. TURN Studio, CAMP Tampa, Current Cycle, and Yoga Joint are the pioneers leading a fitness revolution in the Southeast.

These studios embody the essence of innovation, community, and holistic wellness. Their dedication to creating spaces that foster inclusivity, building supportive communities, and inspiring transformative fitness experiences sets a new standard in the industry.  

Now that you’ve learned about these exceptional Southeastern studios, why not embark on your fitness journey with them? Explore their unique offerings, join their classes, and be part of the fitness revolution. Engage with our community and share your thoughts in the comments below or spread the inspiration by sharing this blog post with your friends and family. Let’s celebrate the spirit of fitness and community together!

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: January 24 2024

Last updated: February 20 2024