In the sun-kissed West, where the Pacific meets the shore, the Mariana Tek Boutique Studio Awards 2023 have cast a spotlight on the region’s most outstanding fitness studios. These awards celebrate not just physical fitness but the spirit of community, innovation, and resilience that defines the West Coast lifestyle.

From the vibrant streets of Southern California to the serene beaches of Huntington Beach, let’s explore the stories of the award-winning studios that are setting new standards in the fitness industry.

Spotlight on the 2023 Mariana Tek Award Winners in the West

Full House Award – Full Psycle, Huntington Beach, Southern California

Full Psycle soon relocating from Huntington Beach to South Coast Metro is more than just an indoor cycling studio; it’s a fitness revolution. Founded by PK Harmeling, an MIT grad with a competitive sports background, and Shelly Scott, a UCSD grad and former Charger Girl with a lifelong experience in competitive dance, Full Psycle is the epitome of a full-body and full-mind experience.

Creating the Ultimate Indoor Cycling Workout: Full Psycle isn’t just about cycling; it’s an epic journey that strengthens both the body and the mind. Their approach combines burning maximum calories, strengthening the core and upper body, and providing a quantitative measurement of progress. This holistic method has made Full Psycle a magnet for fitness enthusiasts, ensuring a packed house at every session.

A Community That Rides Together: At the heart of Full Psycle’s success is its community-centric approach. Their stadium-style studios, featuring world-class cycling instructors, nightclub-rivaling sound, and lighting, create an unparalleled ambiance. This environment fosters a sense of togetherness, inspiring riders to reach new heights personally and professionally. Their commitment to social good, with each ride contributing to Feeding America, adds a layer of purpose to every pedal stroke.

Lasting Community Award – Ra Yoga, Costa Mesa, California

Ra Yoga began its journey with a shared dream of serving others and creating a community over a business. Opening its first studio in Orange County, California, in March 2011, Ra Yoga has since expanded, staying true to its roots and continually asking, “Why don’t we try this?” This philosophy is at the core of everything Ra Yoga does.

Building a Community-Centric Yoga Studio: Ra Yoga is more than a yoga studio; it’s a home where everyone is welcome. With a focus on serving every person who walks into their studio, they offer 14 different styles of yoga and embrace a diverse group of teachers. This inclusivity and variety ensure that there’s something for everyone at Ra Yoga.

Embracing Growth and Warmth: Named after the Egyptian deity of the sun, Ra, the studio symbolizes sunlight, warmth, and growth. This representation is fitting, as Ra Yoga aims to be a place where individuals can leave their chaos behind and breathe in their own light. Their commitment to creating an authentic relationship with oneself and others through yoga is what makes Ra Yoga a deserving recipient of the Lasting Community Award.

Be Our Guest Award – MOXI3, Costa Mesa, California

MOXI3 in Costa Mesa, California, is a dynamic fitness and recovery studio that believes in the power of community. Their approach to fitness is holistic, offering a variety of group fitness classes, state-of-the-art recovery technology, and healthy nutritional options.

Creating an Inclusive Fitness Experience: MOXI3’s philosophy is that fitness, like life, is better when done together. Their classes are designed to not only challenge the body but also to nurture the mind and spirit. The energy within MOXI3 is electric, with a sense of community and connectedness enhancing the benefits of their dynamic offerings.

A Hub for Wholeself Wellness: At MOXI3, the focus is on cultivating strong bodies, minds, and relationships. They offer high-intensity classes, stress-regulating breathwork and meditation, and balance-focused mobility sessions. Their recovery services, including cryotherapy and infrared sauna, complement the physical workouts, making MOXI3 a comprehensive wellness destination.

GritCycle Spin Class

Growth Guru Award – GritCycle, Costa Mesa, California

Grit Cycle in Costa Mesa, California, stands out not just for its high-energy spin classes, but for its unwavering commitment to community and innovation. Embodying the true essence of grit, the studio has become a hub for individuals driven by long-term goals and the determination to achieve them. As Grit Cycle puts it,

“Connection and community are the core of our success.”

Creating a Welcoming Community: At Grit Cycle, everyone finds a place to connect. Through music and shared experiences, the studio forges strong bonds among its members. This sense of belonging extends beyond the studio walls, cultivating a supportive network that inspires members to surpass their limits. Grit Cycle believes,

“Community is the heartbeat of our studios. We aren’t meant to go through life alone.”

More Than Just a Spin Class: Grit Cycle redefines fitness with a focus on perseverance and overcoming challenges. Their classes, a blend of choreography and weights, are more than workouts—they’re journeys towards personal empowerment. As they describe,

“Everything starts with the beat… We work together as a team, to the beat of the music.”

Innovative Approach: Grit Cycle’s use of MT technology and engaging challenges, as revealed in their enthusiastic statement,

“We are super proud to receive this award! We always try to push the needle with the MT technology to grow our studios,”

showcases their dedication to growth and innovation. Their efforts in enriching their marketing channels, integrating automated communications, and fostering engagement through their GritCycle blog and social media presence, especially on Instagram, further emphasize their forward-thinking approach.

All-Encompassing Experience: Grit Cycle prides itself on offering not just a workout, but a comprehensive experience.

“Every GritCycle studio offers…all the amenities one could need,”

from easy check-ins and personalized bike setups to luxurious post-ride eucalyptus towels. Their commitment to customer service and providing a boutique experience is evident in every aspect of their operation.

Grit Cycle’s blend of community focus, innovative fitness programming, and exceptional customer service makes them a deserving recipient of the Growth Guru Award. Their approach is a testament to the power of uniting individuals under shared goals and creating a supportive, engaging environment.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Western Fitness Pioneers

As we reflect on the achievements of the West region’s finest fitness studios, it’s clear that the Mariana Tek Boutique Studio Awards 2023 have not only recognized excellence but also celebrated the unique spirit of the West Coast’s fitness community. Full Psycle, Ra Yoga, MOXI3, and Grit Cycle each represent the pinnacle of innovation, community, and resilience in the fitness industry.

Their dedication to creating spaces that are more than just gyms, but hubs of wellness and personal growth, is a testament to the dynamic and inclusive nature of Western fitness culture. These award-winning studios are not just shaping bodies; they are molding communities and inspiring lives, embodying the true essence of what it means to be a fitness pioneer in the West.

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: January 24 2024

Last updated: February 20 2024