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November 9, 2023

Create Mariana Tek Coupons in a Snap with Perkville

Pushing the boundaries of client engagement, Perkville's partnership with Mariana Tek has taken another step forward. With the integration of Perkville's referral and loyalty platform into Mariana Tek’s highly rated app, fitness studios are now poised to offer a more fluid rewards experience. This evolution introduces a pivotal change—facilitating the creation of single-use Mariana Tek coupon codes directly through Perkville.

Gone are the days of manual discount entries. When clients redeem their hard-earned rewards in Perkville, they'll instantly receive a single-use coupon code that's readily accepted in Mariana Tek's system. This not only simplifies the reward redemption for clients but also streamlines operations for studio owners. It’s efficiency at its finest—rewards are claimed, and discounts are applied, all with a few clicks. Dive into the details in this blog post

Reward Types

Coupon Code Options


To learn how Perkville can help your studio attract, engage and retain clients, schedule a demo today.

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