In the heart of America, where the Midwest stretches out with its unique blend of urban energy and rural charm, the Mariana Tek Boutique Studio Awards 2023 have spotlighted the region’s most outstanding fitness studios. These awards celebrate not just physical fitness but the spirit of community, innovation, and resilience that defines the Midwest. From the bustling streets of Kansas City to the historic neighborhoods of St. Louis, let’s explore the stories of the award-winning studios that are setting new standards in the fitness industry.

Full House Award – Fusion Fitness, Overland Park, Kansas City

Fusion Fitness in Overland Park, Kansas City, is more than just a fitness studio; it’s a community where laughter, strength, and happiness converge. With a philosophy deeply rooted in creating a positive and transformative fitness experience, Fusion Fitness has become a beloved part of the local fitness landscape.

Creating an Engaging Fitness Experience: Fusion Fitness is known for its dynamic teaching method, diverse classes, and passionate instructors. Their approach to fitness is about making each workout session an uplifting experience, ensuring that members leave feeling happier and stronger than when they arrived. This commitment to positive energy and effective workouts has made Fusion Fitness a go-to destination, consistently attracting a full house.

“We are thrilled to receive this award. This year has been full of challenges, including a major switch in software platforms, which demanded a lot from our administration team. We are humbled by this acknowledgment and are excited for a record-breaking year of attendance in 2024,” shared the team at Fusion Fitness.

A Community of ‘Sweaty Sisterhood’: At the core of Fusion Fitness’s success is its vibrant community, affectionately known as the ‘sweaty sisterhood.’ This sense of belonging and mutual support is what makes Fusion Fitness special. Members are not just attending a fitness class; they are part of a family that motivates and uplifts each other, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

“The success of our studio belongs to the people of our studio. We have world-class instructors with a lot of experience, knowledge, and passion. Our community is strong and committed to supporting one another. Our clients and instructors both hold themselves responsible for the success of our entire community. We are lucky to have so many health-minded and genuinely kind individuals in our studios every day,” the Fusion Fitness team expressed with pride.

A Proven Method for Wellness and Fitness: Fusion Fitness stands out for its long-standing commitment to providing a space where people can feel better about themselves. For over 15 years, their method has been proven to offer a safe and effective workout.

“Fusion stands out because we have been providing a place for people to feel better about themselves for over 15 years. Our method is proven to provide a safe and effective workout. Classes are results-driven and full of variety, so our clients don’t get burned out. From barre to cardio to strength training… we keep our clients’ interests peaked!” the team at Fusion Fitness remarked.

This blend of a supportive community, a variety of engaging classes, and a commitment to positive experiences is what makes Fusion Fitness deserving of the Full House Award, marking them as a standout in the Kansas City fitness scene.

Studio Three (LP)

Be Our Guest Award – Studio Three, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Studio Three in Lincoln Park, Chicago, is a unique fitness boutique that has been leading the way since 2015. It encompasses three premium fitness studios under one roof: interval, cycle, and yoga. This innovative concept unites effective disciplines with best-in-class instructors, cutting-edge technology, and a fiercely loyal community.

Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment: Studio Three is more than just a place for fitness; it’s a community hub where every person is seen as an athlete, regardless of skill, strength, or experience. Their mission is to build better communities and deeper relationships, making everyone feel heard and seen for who they are and who they are becoming.

A Diverse and Empathetic Approach to Fitness: Studio Three’s commitment to inclusivity and empathy is evident in their approach to fitness. They offer group classes tailored to athletes of all skill levels, led by world-class instructors who inspire growth at every stage of the fitness journey. This welcoming and supportive environment is why Studio Three is the proud recipient of the Be Our Guest Award.

“Our River North location is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Chicago and has welcomed members for over 8 years. It encompasses three premium fitness studios under one roof: Interval, Cycle, and Yoga. This studio was the first concept of its kind, creating the ultimate cross-training experience with best-in-class instructors, cutting-edge technology, custom-designed performance equipment, striking interiors, and a fiercely loyal community,” they added, highlighting the uniqueness of their River North location.

The team at Studio Three also emphasized the key elements contributing to their success:

“Our welcoming Studio Experience Team, our unique fitness formats that create a complete cross-training experience, and our S3 Family – both old and new – are what make us stand out.”

Studio Three’s Be Our Guest Award is a testament to their dedication to creating a space where fitness and community intertwine, offering a welcoming, inclusive, and transformative experience for all their members.

Lasting Community Award – PLNK Fitness, St. Louis, Missouri

PLNK Fitness in St. Louis, Missouri, stands out not just as a fitness studio but as a beacon of community strength and lasting impact. Their innovative approach to fitness, centered around the Lagree Fitness method, has not only transformed bodies but also built a community that thrives on mutual support and shared goals.

Innovative Fitness for a Stronger Community: PLNK Fitness offers a unique workout experience that combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility in every movement. Their 50-minute total body sessions are designed to build muscular strength and conditioning, using the Megaformer machine – a more intense version of a Pilates reformer. This high-intensity, no-impact workout is accessible to everyone, challenging individuals to push their limits while ensuring joint protection and spinal alignment.

A Space for Everyone: What makes PLNK Fitness truly deserving of the Lasting Community Award is their commitment to creating an inclusive environment. They believe in the power of goal-setting and personal growth, encouraging members to join challenges and support each other in their fitness journeys. Their approach is not just about physical fitness; it’s about building confidence, resilience, and a sense of belonging among their members.

Empowering Through Engagement: PLNK Fitness’s focus on slow, intentional movements, combined with quick transitions and constant core engagement, leads to significant physical transformations. But beyond the physical results, it’s the community spirit and the supportive atmosphere that set PLNK Fitness apart. They have created a space where members feel engaged, motivated, and part of a larger family – a true ‘Lasting Community.’

Studio Three (RN)

Growth Guru Award – Studio Three, River North, Chicago

Studio Three also shines in its River North, Chicago location, where it has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation. The studio’s approach to fitness is science-based and pragmatic, embracing technology and constantly seeking better ways to serve its community.

“We were extremely excited to see this award for our River North studio. This was our very first studio and it continues to be the home studio to many of our members that have been here since the beginning. It has been so exciting to see the growth of all of our studios this past year and we can’t wait for it to continue moving forward,” shared the team at Studio Three.

Fostering Growth and Innovation: Studio Three’s growth is a testament to its commitment to doing things that matter and making a real difference in people’s lives. They are not just about providing fitness classes; they are about creating experiences that are honest, open, and positive.

Building a Strong and Supportive Community: The success of Studio Three in River North is also attributed to its ability to create a space where real leaders flourish without the need for flaunting. Their focus on being real, empathetic, and humble has fostered a strong and supportive community, driving their growth and making them a deserving recipient of the Growth Guru Award.  

Conclusion: A Celebration of Midwestern Fitness Pioneers – The Mariana Tek Awards 2023

In conclusion, the Midwest region winners of the Mariana Tek Boutique Studio Awards 2023 – Fusion Fitness, PLNK Fitness, and Studio Three – each bring something unique to the fitness landscape. Their commitment to creating inclusive, supportive, and dynamic fitness experiences not only sets them apart but also contributes significantly to the vibrant fitness culture of the Midwest.

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: January 24 2024

Last updated: February 20 2024