On-demand classes are great. But you can really connect with your members if you provide a live option. And that’s where livestream with Vimeo OTT comes in. 

Vimeo OTT Saves the Day!

Since the start of the pandemic, companies like Vimeo have bridged the gap between what once was and what now is

Vimeo saw that fitness studios around the world had to shift from in-person training to online training—and almost overnight. So they created options for studio owners, allowing them to instruct their members virtually. 

As part of Vimeo OTT (Vimeo’s “over-the-top” platform with all the bells and whistles), users can now livestream. Here’s what Vimeo has to say about their long-awaited livestream capability: 

“And now you can also add live content to your OTT apps. This is great news for fitness, sports, media, and any content creators looking to engage their audiences with live as well as on-demand, all within a dedicated home of their app or website.”

Pretty cool, right? With Vimeo OTT, you can provide the same level of quality to your studio members as you did when you were an in-person studio.  

Livestream: The Benefits Are Undeniable

Fitness looks and feels different than it did before—in-person experiences aren’t virtual experiences. But in the meantime, when your members are stuck at home and need your services more than ever, you can provide an excellent alternative to your brick-and-mortar classes. And livestream is that alternative. Here’s why: 

  1. Live classes help your members feel a sense of normalcy

If members can take their usual 9am class, it’ll feel more like the old days. Ya know, like BC—Before COVID. It’ll feel great for your members to see their favorite instructors, and to take classes alongside their most-loved studio pals. And they can insert your class into their schedule, just like they used to. 

  1. With live classes, members get the real-time interactions they crave

In live classes, you can say hi to your members. You can use their names. You can call folks out for their hard work. You can help your members with their technique. It just feels more real. It feels as close to in-person training as you can get at the moment. And right now, folks need to feel connected to one another more than ever before. 

  1. Live classes are fun—and they might keep members paying

The live experience can be really fun. And damn, do people need a good time in their lives right now. When you offer livestream with Vimeo OTT, you’re providing your members with a joy-filled experience that will keep them coming back for more. 

Yes—fitness is different these days. But livestream with Vimeo OTT can help you deliver a studio experience as close to in-person as it gets.

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Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: March 15 2023

Last updated: July 17 2024