We’ve been through a lot this year, which I’m sure you’ve felt on the professional side of your life over the last several months. That’s why you’ve chosen to pair with the kind of platforms that will help you make the best of what you’ve got and help you grow. We’re happy to announce that you can now integrate BrandBot and Mariana Tek in real time! This will offer you many more options to boost engagement and sales for your fitness boutique studio. 

Seamless Integration

Anytime you start using a new platform you can’t help but worry about how time-consuming and potentially confusing the integration process will be. But you can set those worries to the side if you’re ready to integrate BrandBot and MarianaTek. The process is effortless, easy to do on your own, and most importantly, it happens in real time! You don’t have to wait at all before you get results. 

Once you upgrade to the BrandBot and Mariana Tek integration, you’ll be able to contact your customers at the drop of a hat. You can send real-time texts, emails, or messages to your clients and get an immediate sense of what their engagement and reception is like. This is an unbelievable tool in growing your business to exponential rates!

There are so many things about this feature that you’ll love. For example, as soon asa new customer creates a Mariana Tek profile or comes into BrandBot for any lead source, this will be captured right away so you have everything synced up in real time. We are the only ones that can integrate in real time, so you’re not able to get this feature anywhere else!We’re talking real-time integration that exists between any platforms. You can interact with customers within seconds of any activity.

Top-Notch Customer Experience

This is especially powerful when it comes to customer experience. Send them an email with a survey or even just a thanks right after they join your studio for the first time. Send them a congratulations on the day they hit a milestone visit(“this is your 100th class!”). Send a monthly survey that gathers their opinions and interests so you can best serve them. Send a COVID waiver as soon as someone signs up for a spot in class. There are all kinds of ways to communicate more efficiently once you have real-time integration with your clients.

All the lead has to do is go to the website, put in their contact info, and boom—they’ll have an email sent straight to their inbox. Yes, even while they’re still browsing the site. It’s an incredibly easy signup process and won’t be difficult for your customers to wade through.

Another important question: who is this feature good for? Well, the big answer is everyone, of course! But it’s particularly useful for small business owners who want real-time responses so they can experiment with different kinds of marketing campaigns, email newsletters, etc. This gives them the chance to tryout a few different methods as they grow and sharpen their brand. Plus, when you’re a small business, the feedback and engagement from your customers is most important of all, so these real-time features will help you immensely.

Good luck and don’t forget to contact support@brandbot.com if you have any questions! 

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: March 15 2023

Last updated: July 17 2024