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March 15, 2023

BrandBot and Mariana Tek – 4 Reasons to Use this Dynamic Duo

If you’re a gym or fitness boutique studio owner, you’ve probably tried your fair share of programs and platforms that help you build your clientele, create marketing campaigns, and manage all your classes and sessions. One of the challenges of owning or running a brick-and-mortar fitness business is finding the right platform that will help you reach all your goals.  


Mariana Tek is a studio management software that gives you all the tools you need to run a highly successful fitness business, whether it’s in person, online, or a combination of both.That’s why we’re proud to say that BrandBot and Mariana Tek are a great match—they work seamlessly together to offer you an efficient management experience. Every gym owner or studio manager has their own reasons for usingMariana Tek rather than other similar softwares, but there are some very common universal reasons why you should use BrandBot and Mariana Tek together.

Ask the Mariana Tek team about adding this integration during your demo.


Here are 4 things that happen when you combine the power of BrandBot and Mariana Tek. 


You Can Automate Your Communication 

Rather than trying to remember to send out emails or marketing material every few days or every week, BrandBot can help Mariana Tek users schedule communication on a regular basis so they can keep in touch with their loyal clients and keep the conversation going with new clients. Rest assured that you’ll have a steady schedule of communication with your clients when you automate emails, texts, etc. 


The more you communicate with your clients, the more likely they are to view you as an important role in their health journey, rather than just a disposable cost that’s eating away at their wallet. Let them know you care about their needs and goals, and they’ll be faithful to you through thick and thin. 


Email Marketing Campaigns Are Easier Than Ever 

You can schedule email marketing campaigns according to when you’re in need of a little boost in revenue. You’ll have access to useful analytics and data that you never had before. This will help you figure out who to target next, what kind of content to send them, and how to catch their eye if you feel like things are a bit slow. You can create lists of audiences you want to reach more or less often, then you can choose which newsletters, emails, and special offers you want to send to each demographic.


Email marketing campaigns can’t be understated—they are extremely effective tools that help you maintain a relationship with your clients and reach out to potential clients who want to see a change in their health and personal life. Setting aside a little time each month to strategize and prepare will give you a huge leg up in the game. Once you pair methodical planning with BrandBot’s tools, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the results are.


Win Back Lost Customers 

We’re sure it hasn’t been easy to maintain the same number of clients. If you’ve noticed that you’re losing clients and your numbers are dropping, BrandBot and Mariana Tek will combine to give you all the statistics, data, and numbers that you need to figure out what’s going on with your business. Maybe your numbers are dropping because you haven’t been consistent with your newsletters or outreach. Perhaps it’s because you haven’t mixed things up with your class schedule in a while and it seems like things are just boring as usual. Whatever the case may be, you can find out what the reasons are in order to make some changes and win back the customers you’ve been losing the last several months. The data provided by BrandBot will help you make sound, efficient decisions with the next several months to ensure that you don’t lose many more clients. Make sure to ask about the BrandBot integration during your demo.


You’ll Get a Livestream Manager 

This is the latest feature of BrandBot and it’s an exciting thing to witness! You can organize all your classes and live streaming links to power automated texts and emails to your customers when they sign up for class, as well as right before their class. The livestream manager will help you communicate with online clients who might have questions before, during, and after the live class. You’ll have all the tools and data you need to communicate regularly with everyone who signs up for class. This gives you the ability to target them with marketing material that will help land them as long-term clients.

Want to know more about using BrandBot and Mariana Tek together? Book a demo!

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