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March 21, 2024

5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Spin Studio

If you have found yourself scrambling to get holiday-ready at your spin studio, we have just the blog here for you.

It always feels like the holidays are an eternity away—until they’re not. If you have found yourself scrambling to get holiday-ready at your spin studio, we have just the blog here for you. Let’s brainstorm and implement your spin studio can do to boost your holiday sales.

It’s time to get your spin studio primed and prepped for the holidays, and we’re here to help you get started. Here are some marketing ideas to help your holiday specials gain traction.

Stock Up on Inventory

First things first, do you have all the inventory you need to profit this holiday sale season? If not, it’s time to get on it. Search your reports for your highest selling items, and make sure you have them readily available in every size, color, or variety you need.

Plus, now is the time to keep stock of low-priced items to promote as stocking stuffers. Keep them visible and easy to buy right at the front desk, where you and your team can conveniently gesture to them as a great gift option.

Promote Gift Cards and Vouchers

When all else fails, get them a gift card. You don’t necessarily have to have physical plastic gift cards to sell class credits during the holidays. Instead, provide several options for buyers to choose for their gift recipient. This could include punch passes, unlimited passes, you name it.

But, if they do want to buy credit that their recipient can decide what to do with, it doesn’t hurt to provide that option. If they want, they can add credits to an existing member’s account so they can choose what to do with their balance.  

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Clean Up Your Calendar

Everyone is debriefing, rewinding, and looking back on the year for a clean start in January; this should include your calendar, too. While you’re promoting holiday classes, sales, events, and other gatherings for the season, you want to make sure everything is still running smoothly.

No one likes abrupt changes when they’ve been looking forward to something all day, and that includes last-minute notice for class cancellations at your spin studio. Book important events and dates, and make sure any instructors who need to block out that time can do so with enough notice to members.

Stay in Touch

Don’t forget to stay active on their social media feeds and in their email inboxes this holiday season. It’s a busy time of year, and if you don’t stay visible, you will be forgotten. Use spin studio management software such as Mariana Tek to send DM’s, texts, calls, or transactional/triggered emails and stay in touch.  

The chilly winter months don’t particularly motivate people to leave the house and work out, but they don’t have to result in a big attendance drop for your studio either. A few small changes to your offerings today can help you stay busy until spring.

Set Yourself Up in the Marketplace

Most of us have booked travel, ordered food or made appointments on a marketplace or aggregator platform. These websites show products and services from multiple businesses, allowing them to compare offerings, timeslots, and prices to make informed decisions.

The same style of platform exists solely for boutique fitness businesses such as your spin studio. Mariana Tek partners with Centred, Classpass, Gympass, and StudioHop to allow customers to easily compare and book your spin studio over their competitors.  

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Make Mariana Tek Part of Your Holiday Promotion Plan

Use Mariana Tek’s integrative tools to make this holiday season one for the books. Our simple platform is easy to use for both your team and your members, and it has comprehensive features that keep working for your studio long after you close for the day.

With an easy-to-use platform, growth-centric features, and brand-specific design options, we get that you need to stand out—and we won’t get in your way. Request a demo now and start your journey today!

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