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Powerful Features Designed for Group Fitness Studios

Create your own custom-branded app that’s unique to your studio.
Automate your marketing to save time and boost conversions.
Seamlessly schedule classes and share them on your website and app.
Quickly sell pre-workout, retail and rentals while members check-in.

Elevate your studio’s client experience

Mariana Tek’s group fitness software gives you the most options to tailor your client’s experience both digitally and in-studio.
  • Tailor every interaction with real-time insights
  • Pick-a-spot easily in the group fitness booking flow
  • Celebrate their milestones & share with the whole group
  • Self check-in to reduce lines
  • Engage prospects and clients with automated marketing
  • Custom branded app to book group fitness classes
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Earn more revenue for your studio

Mariana Tek’s built-in revenue boosters give your team the real-time insights they need to find upsell opportunities and automates penalty fees – on average giving studios an extra $10K / year in revenue.
  • Sell retail items, memberships or class-packs in just two clicks
  • Bring-a-guest features to drive new leads
  • Automatic fees for no-shows or late cancellations
  • Quickly sell pre-workout and water before group fitness starts
  • Keep classes full with automated standby and waitlists
  • Boost promotions and campaigns with ads directly in your app
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Streamline management of your group fitness studio

We want you in control of your data, not us. Mariana Tek’s studio management software gives you all the data, insights and controls you need to react faster and scale your business.
  • Single sign-on and permissions for all your locations
  • 360-degree visibility of your studio and all key metrics
  • Customize your platform with leading integration partners
  • Format, access, or export data with Data-as-a-Service
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Learn About More Software Features for your Group Fitness Studios

Marketing & CRM

Engage and retain your community effortlessly. With an integrated CRM and marketing system, segment your audiences and send them triggered marketing campaigns that drive engagement and revenue.
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Business Insights

Never go without detailed insights on how well your business is performing. Get access to data-rich reports for everything you need to run your studio.
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Business Management

Streamline your studio’s day-to-day operations. Mariana Tek has everything you need from POS to scheduling, and a staff app to make it all quick and easy to keep your business running.
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Customer Experience

Create a digital client experience that’s as premium as your studio. With Mariana Tek, let clients easily book classes and track their milestones in your own custom branded app, and give staff insights to tailor interactions for a personalized experience.
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Multi Locations

Manage all your studio locations with an all-in-one platform. Run your business the way you intend it with features that support multiple locations whether franchise or corporately owned.
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Create the platform you want with our suite of integration partners and open APIs. The Mariana Tek platform was built to scale with you. Search our library of integration partners to create your unique studio experience.
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Mariana Tek has solved a lot of problems for me when it comes to running my business. I especially appreciate the great data access, detailed reporting and how I can get insight into what's going on inside of my studios without me physically having to be there. What’s also really important to me is that the Mariana Tek's platform has a modern, polished look that fully represents my brand to my customers.

Cody Patrick

CEO / Founder, Sweat440

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have questions about which group fitness studio software to choose.
Here’s what people ask most about Mariana Tek.

Will my group fitness studio get its own booking app?

Mariana Tek provides you with your own custom-branded group fitness studio app, which runs on both Android and iOS devices. Group fitness scheduling software is essential, and our industry-leading mobile app for Group Fitness Studios lets your members book in as little as a few taps. Over 90% of group fitness members book on their own through the Mariana Tek app, which means you can spend more time running your fitness studio. They can reserve spots, geo-check-in and order extras ahead, which generates revenue for you, and gives delightful little extras for them.

Does your group fitness studio software process payments?

Mariana Tek’s processes payments through Stripe, a PCI Level 1 Service Provider—the most stringent level of certification in the payments industry. Mariana Tek supports contactless payments at your studio through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Our group fitness studio payments platform saves payment information securely for all your studios, allowing you to expand without limitations. Simplify payments for customers, make them more convenient, and reach your group fitness business goals faster all at the same time.

What kind of mobile devices can clients use your group fitness app on?

Your branded group fitness studio app operates on both Android and iOS devices. Mariana Tek’s group fitness software is completely responsive and connects across devices so nothing gets lost as you use it on the go, or at different group fitness gyms. It is optimized for viewing on desktop computers, tablets, and phones, so you can keep up easily.

Does your group fitness software have a staff app?

The Mariana Tek Biz App gives you and your team all the tools they need to run your group fitness studio day in and day out. Our staff app has a wide variety of features, including waitlist management, spot swapping functionality, guest reservation management, customer photos, schedule & roster enhancements, and sales transaction management. The Biz App allows admins to set access for specific users and locations, so everyone can see what they need to, when they need to. The app is available for iPhone or iPad from Apple’s iOS app store.

Does Mariana Tek’s group fitness booking software have spot selection?

Our pick-a-spot function is built in the platform and allows members to choose a favorite spot for each class. Mariana Tek makes it ridiculously easy to hold spots and swap them out if a last-minute cancellation comes up. Whether they prefer to be at the front by the instructor, near the mirrors, or near the exit, your fitness members can easily choose a spot where they please.

Is there reporting in your group fitness studio software?

Mariana Tek’s real-time reporting saves you the time and frustration piecing together data from multiple sources or studio to see how your business is performing. Our real-time reports show all the ways you want to track your performance. Stay on top of sales performance, revenue categories, first-visit conversions, and net membership growth. Track revenue sorted by location, NPS scores, and your franchisee sales pipeline.

Can I livestream my group fitness classes?

We want you to have the best group fitness studio software possible, so Mariana Tek integrates with several partner platforms—including ones with livestreaming capabilities. We partner with:

  •  Forte: Stream live and on-demand group fitness classes from top studios worldwide directly to you.
  •  IPStudio: Show members their own progress and how many classes on one or multiple challengesremain at the studio.
  • Tribe: Produce high quality videos, including multi-camera set up, and professional audio.
  • Intelivideo: Build a library of videos,and then set your subscription price and be on every device on demand.

Does your group fitness studio software manager have features that help studios generate more revenue?

Mariana Tek’s insights find the areas where you could be earning more and alert you to them, so you can act fast and get cash. We offer the leading data analytics and visualization tools in the group fitness space to power better business decisions for your group fitness studio.

Some of our powerful revenue drivers include bring-a-guest features, pre-ordered add-on products tied to reservations, quick sale during check-in, easy gift cards, and retention tools. Best of all, this data puts you in a position to react faster by highlighting where revenue is at risk. See who’s at risk of cancelling, who has and hasn’t been visiting with views of month-over-month tracking of client activity.

Do you offer fitness marketing software as well?

Mariana Tek’s group fitness studio scheduling software comes complete with marketing automation built right in. Our marketing suite, formerly known as Brandbot, is all-in-one business-communication tool that schedules daily marketing, creates brand emails, manages contacts, builds landing pages, and controls SMS broadcasts. It remembers your proven strategies and campaigns from each of your fitness studio locations with ease and allows you to reach your members based on their interactions with your studio.

Can Mariana Tek's group fitness software grow with my studio as I add more classes, instructors, or locations?

Absolutely! Mariana Tek's group fitness software is designed to scale alongside your growing studio. Mariana Tek offers features for managing multiple studio locations from a single, centralized platform, ensuring consistency and streamlined operations.

Does Mariana Tek group fitness software have a dedicated customer success team to assist with onboarding and troubleshooting?

Yes, Mariana Tek offers a dedicated customer success team to support you with onboarding and troubleshooting. Our team understands that a smooth transition and ongoing assistance are crucial for maximizing the benefits of our group fitness software. We also offer a knowledge base library with frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, and best practices to empower you to resolve minor issues independently.

Does your group fitness studio software have a referral program?

We’d love to have your friends come join us! Right now, when you invite another studio owner to Mariana Tek, you get cash when they sign up and use our fitness software! Referring is an affordable, effective way to share your group fitness studio with the community. Plus, it feels good to be in the know and have your friends, family, and colleagues come to you for the latest and greatest. Learn more about our referral program here.

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