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March 15, 2023

4 Products to Gamify Your Studio Experience

Some of the best gamification fitness apps on the market seamlessly connect with Mariana Tek’s studio management software.

You know you want to explore new ways to excite and engage members at your studio.You’ve heard about gamification—essentially turning an activity into a game to incentivize it. But how do you get started integrating workout gamification into your studio’s operations?

There’s good news: there are tons of apps and software for studio owners to better engage their members through gamification available today. Even better news?Some of the best gamification fitness apps on the market seamlessly connect with Mariana Tek’s studio management software.

If you’re looking to gamify your studio experience, Mariana Tek's 5th Tab is a great place to start. The 5th Tab lives within your studio's native mobile app,and encourages members to track their progress. We've picked a few of our favorites that gamify the studio experience and integrate seamlessly into Mariana Tek's 5th Tab, check them out below!


Spivi tracks performance and gamifies the members fitness journey to help gym owners reduce churn. It connects members in the studio in an immersive workout experience, with the option to add others from home and other branches. This powerful platform uses the competitive nature of group fitness to boost engagement, retention, and build community.

Spivi tracks a variety of performance metrics for any kind of workout, and creates leaderboards based on results. Spivi then calculates those performance metrics, where they automatically appear in MarianaTek’s 5th Tab as the class wraps up.

Outside of the 5th Tab, Spivi has leaderboard and challenge-specific leaderboard widgets that studios can add to their websites.

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Performance IQ

PerformanceIQ (PIQ) supports challenges in-studio with a visual guide covering distance, speed, heart rate, power, and energy.

This integration shows a real time ranking system among your members to motivate and drive competition in-class. Instructors can even take it to the next level by segmenting members by teams through the TEAM mode feature.

After each class, PIQ emails a workout debrief with stats to each member, which studios can customize and upload as a new email template.


Curious how you can get in on the gamification trend? Download our e-book, Play to Win: improving engagement with gamification, to learn how you can spark member engagement by gamifying exercise.

Challenges by IPSTUDIO™

Challenges by IPSTUDIO™ allow studios to build community and retention through competition. This 5th Tab app allows members to easily see their progress, while studio staff can keep track of member engagement.

Members can easily get more info about each challenge. To encourage booking, members will be able to move directly from the challenge page to booking. Challenges by IPSTUDIO™ automatically marks off classes in the app as members complete them.  

For both in-studio and virtual classes, this integration shows members their own progress and how many classes on one or multiple challenges remain at the studio.

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Tribe Fitness

TribeFitness brings all the best of virtual fitness to the forefront through video-on-demand, live streaming, and real-time performance metrics.

It uses fitness tracker data to show real-time data from participants on-screen during live virtual classes. Instructors can also pre-record their videos for members to access anywhere, anytime, and on any device through smart casting.

Thisintegration is definitely for coaches who want to take their virtual fitnessprograms to the next level. Tribe Fitness supports high quality videoproduction, including multi-camera set up, and professional audio.

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Don'tforget your download of our e-book, Play to Win: improving engagement with gamification, to see how you can gamify your workout today.

Integrating With Mariana Tek

MarianaTek integrates all of the workout gamification apps listed above. With an openAPI, Mariana Tek allows studios to build a custom, premium experience for their brand. In fact, we actually encourage it!

Integrationis a great way to add specific functions or features to your platform, but you would be surprised to see everything Mariana Tek can do in-suite. Build your brand, grow your business, nurture your prospects, and retain more members with our premium feature set.

Take your studio to the next level and gamify working out for your members. Book a demo or see all of our top-rated apps and platform here:

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