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Data Analytics and Visualization Tools to Give you Insight into your Boutique Fitness Business

Whether you’re a single location to an entire franchise group, get all your data in a single place, so you can track performance, manage risk and visualize growth.
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Reporting & Analytics Features

Keep an eye on sales performance, revenue categories, and memberships to easily track your studio's performance.
  • Get an overview of your total sales, membership sales and product sales all in one concise dashboard
  • View all your studios' sales by location, date range, or product type to see how each is performing
  • Quickly gain insight on your sales by viewing membership and credit sales by location and date range
Get the insights your business needs to react faster by highlighting at-risk clients and revenue.
  • See what memberships are close to expiring and which are frozen to accurately forcast revenue
  • Find clients who have no next visits or have only visited once in the last 30 days to target them for outreach
  • View key client retention statistics like churn rates
  • Multiple locations? See your business risk by location or as a holistic view
Stay ahead with reports that reveal current trends in your business and where your growth is.
  • See how your studio’s marketing efforts are working by viewing first timer visits and their conversions
  • Evaluate your best and worst performing studios by seeing how many net new memberships you have by location
  • Gain insights into membership trends by viewing your cancelled or terminated client trends and details
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Best-in-Class Open APIs

Customize your software with best-in-class open APIs to differentiate your studio in the market.
  • Our strong, open APIs are easy for developers and other technologies to work with
  • Choose from our trusted 20+ integration partners to deliver custom experiences
  • If you want a fully customized experience, we will work with your vendor of choice to deliver the custom-build

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Easily access business-critical data, through a cloud-based platform in a timely, safe and cost-effective way.
  • Directly access your data so you can manipulate and analyze it according to your brand requirements.
  • Easily use your data in external tools however your business needs

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Why Boutique Fitness Owners Choose Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek has solved a lot of problems for me when it comes to running my business. I especially appreciate the great data access, detailed reporting and how I can get insight into what's going on inside of my studios without me physically having to be there. What’s also really important to me is that the Mariana Tek's platform has a modern, polished look that fully represents my brand to my customers.

Cody Patrick

CEO/Founder, Sweat440
One of my favorite features in the Mariana Tek product is the ads we run directly in our studio’s app. We love the ability to promote ads that direct clients to our podcast "Off the Bike" and for specific promotions or challenges. It's been a great tool for sharing important information to our clients and for engaging with our amazing rider community.

Katy Richardson

Founder, Neighborhood Barre
Our studio has a combination of livestream and in-person classes. With Mariana Tek’s platform everything has been so much easier for myself and my staff, compared to our previous software. No matter how our business may change in the future, we feel that with the Mariana Tek team and product we are set up for success.

Emily Harlow

Co-Owner, LifeCYCLE

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