Meet Pilates House

Located in the heart of Baltimore, Pilates House stands as a beacon for those seeking a transformative fitness experience. With over 400 members and running 10-14 classes daily, it’s not just a fitness studio but a community. Founder Penny Lane’s vision is clear: offer superior, on-brand fitness experiences that resonate with the ethos of the brand. The studio specializes in Reformer Pilates, Hot Pilates and Personal Training.

However, despite its success, Pilates House identified operational limitations that needed addressing to ensure the brand continued to shine in the best light. That is where Mariana Tek came in.  

“I explored other options initially, but quickly realized that Mariana Tek was exactly what I was searching for. I wanted a solution that would save me time, and I lost interest in looking elsewhere. Mariana Tek felt like the perfect fit—checking every box for me.”  

Penny Lane, Pilates House Founder

The Challenge

Running a Pilates studio comes with a set of unique challenges. The boutique nature of Pilates House, like many other studios, means classes are typically smaller and often completely booked. This makes the management of cancellations, penalty fees for no-shows or late cancellations critical to maintain operational efficiency and to provide fairness to all members wanting to attend classes.

Penny initially faced several operational hurdles with their former software, Mindbody. One major concern was the lack of an automated late cancellation feature which was crucial given the studio’s fully booked classes. This feature is essential as it allows for automatic processing of cancellations and, if applicable, the inclusion of late cancellation fees, without requiring manual intervention from the studio’s staff. This absence not only created additional administrative work but also potential revenue loss.

Moreover, brand alignment and customer experience are at the core of Pilates House’s values, and sharing an app interface with other businesses on Mindbody did not resonate with the premium, personalized brand image they aimed to project. Penny expressed her concerns stating, “Being on an app with other businesses didn’t feel on-brand.” This was more than a minor hiccup. It posed serious barriers to preserving the upscale brand image and the personalized customer experience Pilates House had painstakingly crafted over time.

These challenges went beyond mere operational glitches; they risked diminishing the premium brand image of Pilates House and potentially alienated the community they had built. The shared app interface diluted the personalized touch that Penny aimed to offer to her members, and the lack of automation in handling late cancellations threatened the efficiency and the premium service quality of the studio.

Seeking a Solution

Desiring a platform that matched their brand’s premium feel and operational needs, Pilates House embarked on a search. They briefly considered other solutions, but it did not take long before Mariana Tek emerged as the choice that resonated with their requirements. Penny emphasized their decision-making priorities, saying, “Our main criteria focused on branding, a seamless interface, and ease of use.” The software needed to offer an intuitive, customized experience for their brand.

The features offered by Mariana Tek, including its 5-star rated consumer app that is custom branded for each studio, the ability to implement late cancel fees, and its dedication to continuous improvement, caught their attention. Penny emphasized, “We trust Mariana Tek; they’re always proactive in addressing concerns.”

The Mariana Tek Advantage

In pursuit of a platform that resonated with their brand’s premium aura and operational requisites, Pilates House initiated a diligent search. Though they briefly evaluated other solutions, Mariana Tek quickly stood out as the choice that aligned with their needs.  

In addition to a seamless, branded customer experience, another notable advantage was the bring-a-guest feature, which proved to be a revenue-boosting asset for Pilates House. Penny mentioned the impact, noting, “We see guests coming in all the time and converting to members, at least a few a day.”

The Outcomes

After switching to Mariana Tek, Pilates House began to realize both tangible and intangible benefits. Time efficiency dramatically increased as manual processes were reduced, freeing up the Pilates House team to excel at what they do best: delivering outstanding fitness experiences.  

In reflecting on the transition to Mariana Tek, Penny had a piece of advice for other Pilates studio owners, whether opening their first studio or contemplating a software switch. She emphatically stated:

“If you’re a Pilates studio owner and you’re opening your first studio or thinking of changing software, there’s absolutely no question, you need Mariana Tek.”

The software did not just streamline operations, but also enriched the customer experience, fostering higher engagement levels. With the array of enhanced features and an intuitive platform, clients found it significantly easier to book, review, and engage with the Pilates House community.

A Future Together

Pilates House’s partnership with Mariana Tek is strategically positioned for continued collaboration and growth. With an emphasis on “providing the best services and optimizing our current location,” Penny’s vision aligns perfectly with Mariana Tek’s capabilities.

For fitness studios seeking to elevate their operations while preserving their unique brand identity, Mariana Tek emerges as a trusted partner. As Pilates House’s journey demonstrates, the right tech partnership can make all the difference. Interested in learning more? Request your demo today.

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: October 26 2023

Last updated: December 12 2023