Meet Spin Unlimited

In the heart of Uniontown, PA, Spin Unlimited emerges as a pioneering fitness studio, setting itself apart in the region. Under the guidance of Taylor Spaw, this studio has become a unique destination for fitness enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled variety of classes. From high-energy cycling to the tranquility of yoga, and the rhythm of Zumba, Spin Unlimited is taking a new spin on fitness – catering to a wide spectrum of fitness needs.

Unique Community Focus

Located in an area with limited access to fitness options, Spin Unlimited stands out not just for its diverse fitness offerings but also for its vibrant and close-knit community spirit. Taylor highlights the essence of this unique environment:

“What truly makes us exceptional is the flourishing sense of community, which strengthens day by day.” Taylor elaborates on the dual appeal of the studio: “While people come to us with aspirations to enhance their fitness, many are equally drawn to the profound sense of belonging we provide.”

In this space, fitness goes beyond physical activity; it serves as a catalyst for nurturing connections and building a supportive community.

A Passion-Driven Venture

The story of Spin Unlimited is rooted in passion and determination. In the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, Taylor, alongside her husband and co-founder, Matt, envisioned a one-of-a-kind fitness haven for their community, defying all challenges to turn their dream into a thriving reality.

Today, Spin Unlimited is much more than a fitness studio. It’s a vibrant, inclusive community where about 25 staff members, including 20 instructors, come together to create a supportive environment for fitness enthusiasts. It’s a place where fitness goals are pursued with enthusiasm and where every member is an integral part of a larger family.

Taylor proudly reflects on what Spin Unlimited has become:

“We really are a community-based fitness studio, which I think is awesome.”

This statement captures the essence of Spin Unlimited, highlighting its journey from a passionate idea to a thriving community hub.  

The Challenge

Operational Inefficiencies and Limitations

Despite the passion and community focus driving Spin Unlimited, the studio faced significant operational challenges. Their initial software, FitDegree, while cost-effective, fell short of meeting the growing needs of the studio. Taylor elaborates on these challenges:

“FitDegree was a great company to be partnered with in the beginning, but they just were falling short in terms of the different offerings.”

Time-Consuming Scheduling and Administrative Tasks

The scheduling process with FitDegree was another area of concern. It required extensive manual input, consuming valuable time that could be used more productively. Taylor describes the cumbersome process:

“It used to take me 6 hours to upload our schedule… I had to add each class one by one, and I felt like there had to be a better way.”

This inefficiency was a significant drain on resources and hindered the studio’s ability to focus on growth and client engagement.

Seeking a Solution

Recognizing these challenges, Taylor knew that a change was necessary to streamline operations and capture lost revenue. The desire for a more efficient, feature-rich platform led her to consider Mariana Tek, a software she had long aspired to use.

“I always wanted Mariana Tek, it just an ultimate goal of mine to be able to switch,”

Taylor reflects, indicating her awareness of the need for a robust solution to support the studio’s growth, operational efficiency and community development.

Decision-Making Process

Financial Considerations and Strategic Planning

Initially, the cost of Mariana Tek was a significant consideration for Spin Unlimited. Taylor explains,

“In the beginning phases of opening a studio, I thought I couldn’t afford it and wanted to get my footing, later I had to convince my co-founder that it was a good financial decision.”

The Turning Point: Realizing the Potential of Mariana Tek

The decision to switch to Mariana Tek marked a significant turning point for Spin Unlimited. Taylor recalls a conversation with Kinsey from Mariana Tek, which highlighted the potential for revenue recovery by automating penalty fees like late cancelations. This advice became a game-changer for Taylor, leading her to confidently declare, “Alright, I’m in.” It highlighted how even modest improvements in managing fees could effectively offset the cost difference between their current software, and Mariana Tek, paving the way for a more efficient and profitable operation.

The Promise of Improved Efficiency and Revenue

The comprehensive features of Mariana Tek, particularly in streamlining processes that were previously manual and time-consuming, presented a compelling case. Taylor was drawn to the software’s ability to improve operations and enhance the client experience.

“The software has made life so much easier,” she reflects, acknowledging the impact of these improvements on the studio’s operations.

Mariana Tek Solutions

Implementation of Advanced Features

Upon transitioning to Mariana Tek, Spin Unlimited immediately benefited from the platform’s advanced features. One significant improvement was the ability for clients to select specific bikes for classes, a feature that was unavailable on their previous software. Taylor highlights this enhancement:

“Our members were thrilled with bike booking. Previously, they’d come in 30 minutes early to secure their favorite bike which creating a headache for our front-desk staff.”

Automated Processes and Revenue Recovery

Another critical solution provided by Mariana Tek was the automation of late and no-show fees, addressing a major revenue hurdle for Spin Unlimited. Taylor explains the impact of this feature:

“Before Mariana Tek, there was about $16,000 in fees we couldn’t access because everything was manual. Clients had to physically come in to pay their late and no-show fees.”

The automation provided by Mariana Tek streamlined these processes, leading to a substantial improvement in revenue collection and a reduction in manual workload. This change not only enhanced efficiency but also unlocked potential revenue that was previously inaccessible.

Enhanced Client Experience and Engagement

The user-friendly interface of Mariana Tek not only made administrative tasks easier but also enhanced the overall client experience. Features like app-based check-ins and visible class counts on the app’s dashboard were well-received by clients. Taylor shares,

“People love that they can see their class count right in their app. It was something they didn’t have access to before, and it’s made a significant difference.”


Significant Increase in Revenue and Client Check-Ins

The transition to Mariana Tek brought about a remarkable transformation in Spin Unlimited’s performance. One of the most striking outcomes was a substantial surge in revenue and client check-ins. Taylor shares these remarkable improvements:

“In less than a year after switching to Mariana Tek, we witnessed a remarkable 27.5% increase in revenue, plus our check-ins soared by 30%, which was a significant achievement for our studio.”

Improved Client Retention and Engagement

Another notable outcome of adopting Mariana Tek was the improvement in client retention and engagement. The platform facilitated better communication and client management, resulting in more regular attendance. Taylor notes the positive shift, saying,

“With Mariana Tek we’ve noticed an uptick in client consistency. More clients are now attending regularly, week after week, a change we didn’t see with our previous software.”

Operational Efficiency and Time Savings

The adoption of Mariana Tek also brought significant improvements in operational efficiency, especially in reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. This newfound efficiency enabled Taylor and her team to allocate more time to engaging with clients and focusing on business expansion. Reflecting on the impact of these changes, Taylor shares,

“I’ve gotten hours of my life back.”

Making The Switch

A Positive Transition to Mariana Tek

The transition to Mariana Tek was a pivotal decision for Spin Unlimited, marked by significant improvements in their operations and client experience. Reflecting on the process, Taylor expresses her satisfaction:

“I’m so happy that we had the opportunity to move over, and that Mariana Tek was willing to work with us to get us into a tiered system.”

Recommendation for Other Studio Owners

Based on her positive experience, Taylor highly recommends Mariana Tek to other fitness studio owners facing similar challenges. She advises on the importance of choosing the right software for both client and business needs:

“It was the best investment, and it made my life so much easier.”

Looking Forward with Confidence

Following the successful integration of Mariana Tek, Spin Unlimited is set for further growth and enhanced efficiency. Taylor speaks confidently about the future, emphasizing the scalability of the software:

“We’re planning to move up to a higher tier with Mariana Tek to take advantage of more of what they have to offer.”

Next Steps: Elevate Your Fitness Studio

Inspired by Spin Unlimited’s success story? Don’t miss your chance to elevate your own fitness studio to new heights. Book a demo today and discover how the right software can be the game-changer your studio needs to scale effectively and efficiently.

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: January 24 2024

Last updated: June 18 2024