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March 15, 2023

Moments that matter in the customer journey

We are all on a journey seeking something, whether it’s progress, community, strength, or confidence.

We are all on a journey seeking something, whether it’s progress, community, strength, or confidence. The customer journey takes your members from prospects to full time members, but it doesn’t end there. It also focuses on retaining and creating brand advocates out of your members. Mapping how this journey plays out in your studio allows you to identify the stages you’re currently communicating with your prospects—and where you may be missing the mark.

Your studio and its brand are unique. Your members love something about you; they, in turn, are quite unique, too. They have individual needs, characteristics, and preferences and are looking for tailored experiences that are as irreplaceable as your brand.

Do you delight your members and make them feel special? Digital workflows can automate your marketing to deliver your key messages when and how your members want to hear from you. For example, send text members on their birthday to build a deeper connection with them.

But learning and knowing all the special things that make your members unique takes time. Optimizing your customer’s journey will earn you more in the long run. If you don’t have the right data or engagement tools, you could be missing out on opportunities to cash in on more revenue for studio.

“I can’t say enough how much of a difference it makes for boutique fitness studios to truly engage their members at every step of the journey. In my past experiences a business consultant for boutique fitness studios, the number one way to generate more revenue is to focus on optimizing the customer journey and lean into the moments that matter.”

- Emily Montgomery, Head of Professional Services, Xplor

Want to nail those moments that drive member satisfaction at your boutique fitness studio? Download our e-book, Why Your Digital Experience is Central to Supporting Your Boutique Studio’s Growth today! 

Hyper-personalize the impersonal

Trends in fitness suggest that it’s becoming impersonal. For years, the tools at your disposal have focused entirely too much on operational efficiency and a one-size fits all approach. Some tools are making experiences even more generic.  Choose a service, choose a time, confirm email address, pay online, rinse and repeat.

If you know a member is a first timer, give them first-class treatment to make a lasting impression. Show how their treadmill or bike works, or an explanation of how classes operate. Remembering special occasions, sending discounts for birthdays, or customize your email broadcasts to them specifically, will elevate the experience for them. 

Personalization, on top of a smooth core experience, is just one great result of studios aligning their digital experience with in-studio experience. An integrated, all-in-one solution, such as Mariana Tek makes it much easier.  

Owning the digital experience

Member spay a premium for boutique fitness, to get the enhanced service they can’t find at a self-serve gym. Your member’s digital experience should be just as amazing as their in-studio experience.  If they feel a disconnect between your digital and brand, then you will fade away in to obscurity and your competitors may rise.

You want them to walk away feeling not just satisfied, but enthralled, by their workout experience.  

Mariana Tek allows studios to create a digital experience for their members to match their unique, premium in-studio experience. Our 5-Star mobile and web apps provide the means to answer all their questions and convince them to book before they’ve even set foot in your studio. Let them book a spot next to a friend, or be able to walk right into class without tedious check-ins.


Finding the right software partners

Where do you see your studio in 5 years? Hopefully it has scaled above and beyond your wildest dreams—and you need a software partner who can scaled there with you. The world of boutique fitness presents studios with a host of unique challenge sand opportunities.

Members are the gateway to growing your business and everyone is vying for their loyalty. You only have a few moments to influence their behaviour, power their journey and convince them to commit. Like you, we are obsessed with these moments; obsessed with optimizing these moments to create insights that power, shape, refine, and drive the tailored member experience.

Mariana Tek's team of world-class fitness industry experts know what you need to deliver the best digital experience to your members. We know what you need because we were you at one point. Not only do we understand what it's like to own studios, but we also talk to studio-goers during product research to make sure we get it right. Plus, our team is here to troubleshoot problems if they arise—we are your partner from day one through your entire business journey.

Don’t forget to download your copy of our e-book, Why Your Digital Experience is Central to Supporting Your Boutique Studio’s Growth to unify your premium in-studio and digital experience.

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