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March 15, 2023

How to Elevate Your Boutique Studio’s Music Strategy in 2023

Don't sweat it, we’ll help you create an amazing music strategy that will get your members talking.

A perfect workout playlist can have you go from dragging your feet to feeling energized in seconds. This is an important part of the environment you build at your boutique fitness studio and should not be ignored or an afterthought.

Why music is important for your boutique fitness studio

There are so many reasons why people listen to music during exercise, from boosting their mood, to focusing and getting in the zone, or just as a distraction from the intensity of the workout. Research shows how effective music is to motivate during exercise, and people respond to it the same way they would to gamified workouts.

So, we know many of us are affected by music during our workouts, and often have a better workout because of it. But how do members listen to music in different settings? In commercial gyms it’s much more common to find headphone wearers opting for a personal playlist over the gym’s selection, but boutique fitness studios are an entirely different environment. Members are actively listening to instructions from their teachers, so they need to be alert and attentive.  

That means the music strategy for your members is entirely in your hands. Don't sweat it, we’ll help you create an amazing music strategy that will get your members talking.

Plan out your musical environment

It’s time for a professional to help you build out a premium AV system at your studio. Consider the music you want to play in which areas. For example, the songs played in class will be quite different from the music you play in common areas to for a post-class wind-down.

Any good sound system includes a plan to soundproof the walls and class, so music doesn’t rattle the entire building. It’s not just a matter of preference—if your studio is in a strip mall or shares walls with neighboring businesses, it’s a courtesy to make sure they aren’t disturbed by your classes.  

Tip: Loud, pulsing music is great for members who stick around for an hour at a time, but maybe not your staff who need to focus. Map out the areas where your team members can work quietly or get deeper into conversations with members without losing focus to the class’s soundtrack.  

Invest in a music subscription

You know when you’re just getting into the groove of a workout … and then an ad plays? It completely takes you out of it. You can build and share playlists for free, but the experience is hampered compared to the premium experience. There are often limitations, including shuffle-only functionality and advertising throughout.

Not only is the free version clunky and awkward, but it also gives the wrong impression to your members. They are paying for premium fitness experience, and that should extend to the music in the classes.  

Tip: The most popular options for streaming music are Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube Music. The best option for you will depend on so many different factors, including user access, available songs, app exclusives, and so forth. Compare your options and commit to the platform that works best for your studio.  

Avoid interruptions if you can

Part of having an awesome AV set up is having one that runs smoothly and with little to no hiccups. Sure, things break down sometimes, but interruptions in songs crush the vibe of the workout.

Regularly test your sound system to make sure it’s working correctly. This includes the music playing clearly, but also your instructor's voice being heard over the music. You may want to invest in a nice wireless microphone headset that they can use anywhere in class—it doesn’t hurt to have something water resistant because it gets sweaty!

Tip: Whichever platform you decide to use, explore your options for playback so everything sounds crystal clear and the transition between songs is seamless. Set up a minor crossfade between songs so that the songs blend into one another, and the energy stays consistent. Also, make sure all the levels on the songs are similar enough so nothing sounds out of place when it plays.  

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Build playlists with common themes

This could play out in several ways. If you host classes with different workout styles or tempos, build playlists that complement the style of those workouts. There’s nothing more jarring than having a slow song lead into a high-BPM dance anthem.

Tip: Want to get their blood pumping? suggests the best tracks for a pick-me-up playlist is anything with a BPM between 120 and 125. Alternatively, slower instrumental tracks are great when it's time to cool down.

Promote your playlist on social

In the digital age of fitness, staying present with your member base even when they’re not at the studio is critical. Your members become followers on social media when you post valuable content coming from a seasoned expert—and this can absolutely include a fine-tuned workout playlist.  

Share playlists for them to listen to during their workouts outside of your studio, during their errands, or their relaxing time at home.

Tip: With quick sharing to social media, you can easily broadcast your playlists with the masses so they can listen when you add new songs or create a new playlist. Share to your Instagram stories and save them under a highlight for easy access that links directly to the playlist.  

Ask your community for input

Why not collaborate with your members to build a crowd-sourced playlist? It’s a win for everyone—you don’t need to work as long on a new playlist, and your members have their favorite tunes played in class.  

Tip: Want to work together, but don’t want to spend hours looking each song up and adding it manually? Spotify allows you to create collaborative playlists that anyone you invite can add songs to. We’ve certainly come a long way from burning CDs and rewinding cassette tapes!

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