Meet FlowCorps

FlowCorps stands as a leading destination for High-Intensity Pilates and Low-Impact Cardio fitness. With three locations in Downtown Raleigh, Sojourn Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, the studio provides a wide variety of Pilates and low-impact cardio classes, all guided by a dedicated team of highly qualified fitness experts. This combination of a tight-knit community of instructors and a diverse array of class offerings has quickly made FlowCorps a local favorite.

Nicole Cannon, the founder, and owner of FlowCorps, opened her first studio in Raleigh in 2018 and expanded to Chapel Hill in early 2020. Identifying a market opportunity in Pilates, Nicole swiftly adapted the studio’s offerings by adding XFormers® and Woodway Curve Treadmills, further diversifying the fitness modalities available. This keen sense of market dynamics and adaptability has been a key driver of FlowCorps’ success.

With plans to expand and franchise in the coming year, FlowCorps is on an upward trajectory. The studios are built on principles of safe and effective movement, fun, and inclusivity, aiming to create a welcoming and empowering environment for everyone who walks through their doors.

The Challenge

Despite its success and growth trajectory, FlowCorps encountered several operational hurdles due to limitations in their previous software, a fitness studio platform that was relatively new. One of the most pressing issues was the lack of location-specific reporting. Given that FlowCorps operates multiple studios, each with its own unique client base and offerings, this was a significant challenge.  

The software’s unintuitive design also led to inefficiencies, as both clients and instructors struggled with navigation for tasks like class bookings and administrative duties. Additionally, payroll integration was problematic, forcing the team to resort to manual workarounds that consumed hours per week and increased the risk of errors.

Amanda, FlowCorps Director of Operations, explained how this was impacting her role, “I would spend around 10 hours each week doing manual entries on spreadsheets because our software didn’t have the reporting capabilities we needed”.  

The Decision-Making Process

Recognizing the limitations of their previous software, FlowCorps began to explore alternatives. Their search led them back to Xplor Mariana Tek, a platform they had used before. Several factors influenced their decision to return:

Ease of Use:
FlowCorps was looking for a platform that would simplify operations for both staff and clients. Mariana Tek’s user-friendly design stood out as a solution that would streamline tasks and enhance the customer experience.‍

Data-Driven Management:
With studios in multiple locations, FlowCorps needed more than just basic reporting. Mariana Tek offered them the granularity they needed to understand each location’s performance, helping them tailor their strategies more effectively.‍

Automated Payroll and Penalty Fees:
The administrative burden of manual payroll adjustments and checking penalty fees was a significant concern. Mariana Tek’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing payroll systems promised to free up valuable time for staff. In addition, Mariana Tek’s software automatically manages cancellation and penalty fees – reducing manual spreadsheet work and enhancing accuracy.‍

Industry-Specific Design:
Unlike their previous software, Mariana Tek was designed by fitness professionals. This was evident in how the platform catered to the unique needs of boutique fitness studios like FlowCorps. The team felt that Mariana Tek understood their challenges and offered tailored solutions.‍

“You can tell Xplor Mariana Tek was built for boutique fitness studios. The team has a deep understanding of the fitness industry. Their platform feels like it’s made for us. It’s been a game-changer for our operations.”

Nicole Cannon, FlowCorps Founder

The Mariana Tek Solution

Upon switching back to Mariana Tek, FlowCorps immediately noticed improvements in several key areas of their business operations:

App-Based Check-In: FlowCorps clients now enjoy the convenience of app-based check-ins with Mariana Tek, a feature their previous system lacked, streamlining attendance and improving the overall experience.‍

Marketing Automation:
With Mariana Tek’s marketing automation capabilities, FlowCorps was able to implement targeted sales and marketing strategies. Their Director of Marketing & Sales spearheaded CRM initiatives that were up and running in no time, thanks to the robust Marketing Automation features.‍

Enhanced User Interface:
The user interface was not just visually appealing but also highly functional. It made tasks like booking classes, checking schedules, and managing memberships a breeze for both clients and staff.‍

“Many studios are looking to save money on your software, but your customers don’t know the backend. Customers just see an app that’s not easy to book their classes, they don’t care what software you have. Mariana Tek’s user experience is the best, our clients love it.”

The Results

Switching back to Mariana Tek had an immediate and positive impact on FlowCorps’ operations and customer experience.‍

Time Efficiency:
The administrative time spent on manual entries and workarounds was significantly reduced. Staff could now focus on enhancing the client experience and growing the business, rather than getting bogged down with operational inefficiencies.‍

Improved Customer Experience:
With an intuitive booking system and seamless check-in process, FlowCorps saw an increase in client satisfaction. The ease of use encouraged more frequent bookings and higher retention rates.‍

Multi-Location Management:
Mariana Tek’s robust multi-location features made it easier for FlowCorps to manage their expanding business. With plans to franchise in the coming year, the platform’s scalability was a significant advantage.

At the end of the day, boutique owners don’t create their businesses to do admin work. With the switch, Nicole and her team were able to focus on what they love, “with Mariana Tek, we’ve been able to focus more on our community and less on workarounds.”

Making The Switch

FlowCorps’ experience with Mariana Tek has been overwhelmingly positive, and they highly recommend the platform to other boutique fitness studios facing similar challenges.‍

“As a new studio owner, you’re so busy, you’re napping on your reformers, you don’t have time. You can make a lot of expensive mistakes along the way trying to do workarounds or use tech that’s not working. Save yourself the time and pain and just choose software that works for both your clients and your business.”

Nicole Cannon

If you’re facing challenges with your current fitness studio software and are considering making a switch, Mariana Tek could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Request your demo today to start your own success story.

Article by Xplor Mariana Tek

First published: October 23 2023

Last updated: December 12 2023